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low priced tobacco pipe Premium_Grain Ser Jacopo Meerschaum hand made of Orsini
inexpensive pipes
Premium Grain
Ser Jacopo
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Kohlhase & Kopp.
Kohlhase Kopp Limitededition 2011LIMITED EDITION 2012
Various Virginia types were composed carefully with brown and black Cavendish, high-quality Spun cut and a Vintage Burley round off the tobacco perfectly.
The exquisite flavour is completely new (and used in a pipe tobacco mixture never)! Of course the formula remains a secret.
You can expect sweetish tropical flavours.


This is a clone of PETERSON SPECIAL RESERVE 2011.

This tobacco will continue to be produced, exclusive for the pip shop. The name and the tin has change, but the tobacco is the same.
Brown and Black Cavendish as well as red, orange and gold Virginia melt together in this fantastic, mellow mixture.
A sensational flavor of wild strawberries, combines with cream and the cloying taste of the tonguin bean results in a wonderful symbiosis, so that an exquisite aroma created.

Hand made Meerschaumpipes -
from Turkey, in excellent quality. All pipes carving from high quality block meerschaum.
Every pipe is a unique design and hand carved, thus there maybe very little differences between two same type of pipes.

Sizes large and extra large.
special line

Islay and Lowland Whisky
All Inclusive, Pipe, tobacco and whisky of the best quality!
Original barrel Aged tobaccos in absolute extra class, Chieftain's Pipers Coice Highland, Islay and Lowland whisky, exclusive for the pipe smoker!
Chieftain's Whisky
Chieftain's Tobacco
Chieftain's Pipes
What else would you ever need?!

inexpensive pipe tobacco

English Mixture and Danish Mixture
danish mixture english mixture
A top english and danish type pipe tobacco.
In this price range one of the best.

Premium tobaccos Premium Mixture - Our private brands Premium Mixture no.1 to no. 4 are tobaccos of the top class.
Four well balanced mixtures of best and precious tobaccos. Each of these tobaccos has its own, distinctive character. From mellow till powerful, from sweetly till English. They have one thing in common, they are made from the world's best tobacco, and mixed by a real master. They are real Premium tobaccos.

10 years on-line

The pipe shop celebrating 10 years in online business.
For this reason we have created together with one of the most famous tobacco manufacturers our jubilee tobacco and have packed it appropriately.
pipe shop jubilee tobaccoThis tobacco is characterized by its top aroma and freshness. Carefully hand blended, the tobacco comes in a beautiful, classic wooden box.

Bog Oak

A quite special pipe made of Bog Oak with brushed surface.
Pipe made of bog oak

anno MMXII
Planta Tobacco of the year.

Jahrestabak Kohlhase Kopp

Bright yellow Virginia, ripened in the African sun, with brown Burley and deep black Black Canvendish. .
The flavors of full-ripens wild fruits from the Marula tree specifies the character of the tobacco, and accomplishes the smoke pleasure.

Peder Jeppesen
Hand made pipes.

Peder Jeppesen

Jepessen pipes mark through exceptional quality and best Bruyère from. Their low weight and the varied grain are another trademark of these pipes.
All Jepessen pipes are personally manufactured from the first up to the last work step from him

Function. Design. Sensuality..


No more bad smells, mosquitoes and other insects.
Ideal for smokers' rooms.
No matter if it's about cigars, pipe or cigarette.
The specially designed diffuser lamps "Lampair" improve the indoor air quality significantly. Unlike scented sprays or candles, which only cover the smells, this destroys the catalytic stone by splitting their molecules, reduces bacterial and fungal spores, and simultaneously emits a pleasant fragrance.

Classic Line

The tobaccos from the Classic Line series is not industrially manufactured. The tobacco is mixed carefully by hand..

fine danish pipe tobacco

The most tobaccos belongs to the Danish taste. They are mild to medium strong, rich in aroma and with pleasant room note.

Dr. Perl junior 9 mm active charcoal filter
Vauen FilterThe active charcoalfilters have been available since 1934 and Vauen have developed them further in the smallest details.
In doing so Vauen strive towards our eternal goal: Pure enjoyment!
For instance, through the improved moisture reduction via diffusing channels, harmful substances are minimized through optimization of the active charcoal pores and the or the minimal draw resistance through the increased number of holes in the blue cap.
Now available as collectors edition in three different tins, each with 200 filters.

elegant, pipes without filter

Rattray pipes Rattray pipes
The long mouthpiece has a cooling effect, wich makes smoking very pleasurable and hence relaxing.
The graceful elegance also lets the hearts of the pipe smoking ladies beat faster.
You can get three different finish. Nature and free of putty, brown, and sandblasted.



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Excalibur Sampler
Excalibur Sampler

Received a perfect score (5 out of 5 stars) from the European Cigar Cult Journal, the leading authority on cigars in Europe.

all Excalibur Cigars

A big cigarillo, flavours with noble rum.

Backwoods Zigarillo

Years ago a man wanted a good cigar, he'd rolls his own. These cigars didn't look that refined, but they sure tested good.
Now you can enjoy the same kind of smoke with Backwoods..

Peterson Cigars
Peterson Zigarren
Made in Honduras using a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos, Peterson Cigars are full of taste and flavour. The Cameroon wrapper is slightly sweet yet spicy enough to give the cigar a balanced character from start to finish. The medium body is consistent and satisfying. Gran Reserva are available in five traditional sizes Corona, Robusto, Toro, Belicoso and Churchill.
all Peterson Cigars

Popular tobaccos
- Hausmarke
Danish Mixture Cherry
- Hausmarke
Danish Mixture Vanille

Both tobaccos are produced by Stanwell at prices which are hard to beat.

HOBBY: Pipecarving
Briar wood block

Briar-wood block, bent stem, for creating & carving your own pipe.

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